Monthly Archives: January 2019

Ep19: Watch and Learn

Topics: Jonathan’s mixed doubles abilities will result in Ryan eating haggis; Break-downs of the World Qualification Event & Continental Cup; Our Curling World Cup preview leads to a discussion of what European curling needs to promote growth; Jonathan on how curling beginners can advance their knowledge by watching the pros on TV.

Links: Jonathan’s TV Viewing Guide for Curling Beginners:

Music: Tournament of Hearts by the Weakerthans:

Ep18: The Kids are Alright

Topics: Recaps of the World Junior B tournament where Jonathan’s England team made playoffs, the USA Challenger Round and the Canadian Open. Previews of the Continental Cup and the World Qualifier in New Zealand. Plus Ryan tries to get Jonathan to talk trash about all the teams he played against in juniors who are at the Quebec Tankard.

Tournament of Hearts by the Weakerthans: