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2021 World Women’s Curling Championship Preview

Get ready for the 2021 World Women’s Curling Championship with our in-depth preview. We go team-by-team and give you what to watch for during the tournament. Plus, we get to know three of the teams thanks to interviews with China’s coach, Marco Mariani, Japan’s coach, Connor Njegovan, and Korea’s coach, Lim Myung-sup.

Estonian Curling with Fred Randver of Curling Tallinn
Danish Curling with President Henrik Christoffersen
Korea’s Team Kim with Coach Peter Gallant and Consultant Melvin Lee
USA Curling with CEO Jeff Plush

Exploring Ed Lukowich’s Sci-Fi Novel, The Trillionist, with Andrew Heaton

And now for something completely different. We dive into Canadian curling champion Ed Lukowich’s sci-fi novel, The Trillionist and Ed’s Trillion Theory. Joining us to explore the concepts in the novel is Andrew Heaton. Heaton is a comedian, author, political satirist and host of the sci-fi podcast “Alienating the Audience.”

Trillion Theory
Andrew Heaton
Andrew on Twitter

Run it Back: 2009 World Men’s Curling Championship Final w/ Kerr Alexander

“Run it Back” is our continuing series looking at important games from curling’s Olympic age. In this edition, we talk to Actual Scotsman Kerr Alexander about the 2009 men’s Worlds final between David Murdoch and Kevin Martin. This game includes the most infamous strategic decision in curling history. Other Topics: Scottish sporting shortcomings, acoustic guitar bros, Moncton.

Full game replay