How COVID-19 Spreads at a Curling Event

How quickly can COVID-19 spread among participants, volunteers and spectators at a curling event? Dr. Paul Luethy joins the show to tell us. Dr. Luethy is an Assistant Professor in Pathology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Assistant Director of the Clinical Microbiology Lab at the University of Maryland Medical Center. But he’s also a curler at Potomac Curling Club. And he volunteered at the USA Curling Club National Championships, which saw an outbreak of COVID-19 in March. He recently published a study that surveyed participants at that tournament to better understand the transmission of the disease during the event. We discuss his findings and what curling centers and event organizers can learn from them.

Estimating the Rate of COVID-19 at Club Nationals
USA Curling COVID-19 Updates

Curling Movie Mania

And now for something completely different. We joined Scott & Sean Graham from Game of Stones to pitch our ideas for curling movies to an actual screenwriter, Faisal Lutchmedial. Faisal most recently wrote on Endlings (broadcast on CBC and Hulu) and Ransom (broadcast on CBS and Global). He is currently developing a sci-fi action series with Netflix in the Canadian Film Centre Development Accelerator program. The “most viable” movie selected by Faisal is going to be pitched to the National Film Board of Canada by Sean! Join us as we dive into sports movie tropes and learn why they find their way into our favorite (and least favorite) films.

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Ep63: Connecting with Curlers during COVID-19

If you weren’t already suffering from Zoom Fatigue, we are here to talk webinars and streaming. First, Alyson Wiedenbeck joins us to discuss the wide range of topics they’re covering at the Curler Outreach Program. Then our friend Stephanie Thompson joins us to talk about how she’s helping to keep curlers of all skill levels fit during the pandemic. Jonathan and Ryan also dig into the trend of teams setting up their own webcasts and USA Curling news.

Curler Outreach Program
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Empowered Performance
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Ep62: Crowning British Curling’s People’s Champ w/ Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson, owner of the Forfar ice rink in Scotland, joins us to talk all things Scottish Curling. We discuss how to address declining interest in curling in Scotland, their return to play during the pandemic and the newly created British Players Curling Championship.

Forfar Indoor Sports
Scottish Curling’s Return to Play Guidelines
British Players Curling Championship

Ep61: Curling in Nigeria w/ Harold Woods III

One of the newest member associations in World Curling is Nigeria. Harold Woods III, who skipped Team Nigeria at the 2019 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships, joins us to discuss his start in curling, the history of the Nigerian Curling Federation and how they are working to grow the sport there. We also talk about making curling more diverse and the role the World Mixed Curling Championships plays in curling’s growth.

Harold Woods on Instagram
Nigerian Curling Federation
Nigerian Curling’s GoFundMe

Ep60: Creating Curling’s Next Generation of Raving Fans w/ John Allgood

The future of curling will rely on our ability to grow the game with younger demographics. But how do we get the next generation to play the sport and watch it on TV? John Allgood, Assistant Professor and Academic Director of the Executive Masters of Sports Business at Temple University, joins us to discuss this and many more topics related to sports marketing. John made a career out of selling sports like minor league baseball, pro bull riding and soccer and now he teaches the next generation of front office staff how to do the same. Join us as we find out how an emerging sport like curling can stand out in a crowded market.

John Allgood
Temple STHM

Polish Curlers Want You to #VoteForCurlers

“Dear World curling community! Polish curlers have an important message for you. Please watch and share – we need all the curling countries to see this!”

The polish curling community is calling for member associations to vote to expel the Polish Curling Association at the WCF World Curling Congress Sept. 4-6.

Why would they want this? We talked to a Polish curler back in March to find out. In that episode, Marcin Madej provided insight into the history of curling in Poland, the division between the Polish Federation of Curling Clubs and the PCA and how the sport can move forward in his country.

Ep59: Are Curling’s Growing Pains Unique? w/ Travis Mewhirter

And now for something completely different. Author and pro beach volleyball player Travis Mewhirter joins the show to discuss that sports’ growing pains since joining the Olympics. How alike are the two sports? Well, beach volleyball joined the Games around the same time and features self-formed teams in a tour-based system. They even had a player boycott in the 90s. We’ll learn about their successes and challenges and how we can apply them to curling.

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Ep58: A Curling Science Fair!

We are joined by Megan Balsdon and Derek Leung to discuss their research into curling and curling rocks. Both are competitive curlers and academics who are using science to help us better understand curling. Megan is studying how different types of brooms affect curling ice. Derek is looking at how different types of granite react when stones collide. We talk to them about their research and how they are helping us get a better understanding of sweeping and how curling stones behave. We revisit broomgate and ask Megan what we do and still do not know about how sweeping affects curl. We also discuss what she thinks curlers can learn from her research and what she hopes to study in the future. Derek explains why curling granite only comes from a few places on earth. Derek talks about his cool videos of curling stone collisions. We also discuss how his research into granite curling stones can inform other industries. Join us as we have a super nerdy talk about the science of curling.

Comparing Broom Conditions in Curling
Megan Balsdon on Twitter
Minerals Rock!
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Podstacking: Aug. 10

Every Monday we podstack with Sean and Scott from Game of Stones Podcast on their Facebook page at 5 p.m. Eastern. This week we drafted curlers for a simulated season of Survivor, which will run next week. We also discussed the NBA, U.S. college football and zoos in addition to curling.

Drafting Curlers for a Survivor Season with Rocks Across the Pond

This week will be drafting curlers for our simulation of a full Survivor season.

Posted by Game of Stones Podcast on Monday, August 10, 2020