Ep32: Is Curling Declining in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has long been one of curling’s hotbeds. But is the sport in trouble at the grassroots level there? Brady Lang from 650 CKOM in Saskatoon joins us to talk about the state of curling in Saskatchewan, what’s contributed to the decline in number of curlers there, what’s being done to reverse those trends and the optimism that’s been inspired by Robyn Silvernagle. Editor’s note: 30 minutes after the recording of this podcast, Ryan realized that Brady and Jonathan were saying “Ski-Doo.”

One thought on “Ep32: Is Curling Declining in Saskatchewan?

  1. A lot of repeated confusing comments about Saskatchewan “there’s not much to do” and “every one is too busy”?
    There’s way more variety of sporting activities for young people now than ever before, such as club volleyball, indoor soccer, lacrosse to name a few. Marketing to young people should begin with school involvement.

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