A Thankful Curler

By Mark Steinwachs of Rocket City Curling Club

The world is a heavy place right now. There seems to be little chance to escape some form of negativity on a daily basis. Even the strongest of will can get worn down and places we turn to find a bit of peace can become stressful. 

For those of us in the United States, Thursday is Thanksgiving. A time where we do our best to stop for a moment, be it with family or friends (or both), to put all the crap aside and focus on what is good in our lives. I think it’s time to take a moment and look at all the things that make our sport, frankly, so damn awesome.

Be thankful for the ice time you have. Each shot you throw, sweep, or call makes you that much better.

Be thankful for everyone that has volunteered to help make your club a better place.

Be thankful for your ice crew (arena and dedicated). They want the best ice for you as much as you want it.

Be thankful for all the friends you’ve made in your club and in others. There is no better community than ours. Period.

Be thankful for broomstacking. Sometimes the post-match moments are better than the match itself.

Be thankful for the club tales that grow taller with each telling.

Be thankful for being piped on and a bonspiel well played.

Be thankful for your teammates. You are together for a reason, through good and bad.

Speaking of bad … be thankful for the losses and missed shots. We learn more from failure than we do in victory.

Wait, we’re talking about curling. Bad? Let’s say not as good.

There are probably a hundred other things we can be thankful for, so, the last one is all you. 

Take a moment, find that thing that makes you smile, then raise your glass high …