2020 Curling Championship Broadcast Schedule

Looking to watch some of the curling championships that are on tap the next couple of weeks? We have you covered. Click here to see a schedule of every available live stream we could find. This includes Canadian provincials and national championships. Look for our big preview of the American, Scottish, Swiss and Japanese championships to drop Monday, Feb. 3.

We will try to keep this spreadsheet updated as championship season rolls on.

Editor’s Picks

Date Time EST Event Game Link
Feb. 8 7:00 PM Japan Yoshimura vs. Koana YouTube
Feb. 9 6:00 AM Latvia Women’s Gold Medal YouTube
Feb. 9 9:00 AM Swiss Feltscher vs. Stern YouTube
Feb. 9 10:00 AM England Finals (If Necessary) YouTube
Feb. 9 7:00 PM Japan Morozumi vs. Yamaguchi YouTube
Feb. 10 2:00 PM Swiss de Cruz vs. Schwaller YouTube
Feb. 10 10:00 PM USA Dropkin vs. Shuster USACurl
Feb. 11 1:00 PM Swiss Stern vs. Tirinzoni YouTube
Feb. 11 10:00 PM USA Peterson vs. Sinclair USACurl
Feb. 13 11:30 PM Japan Fujisawa vs. Nakajima YouTube
Feb. 14 8:30 PM STOH Wild Card Game ESPN3
Feb. 15 11:30 AM Swiss Women’s Gold Medal YouTube
Feb. 15 3:00 PM USA Women’s Gold Medal USACurl
Feb. 15 8:00 PM USA Men’s Gold Medal USACurl