Ep58: A Curling Science Fair!

We are joined by Megan Balsdon and Derek Leung to discuss their research into curling and curling rocks. Both are competitive curlers and academics who are using science to help us better understand curling. Megan is studying how different types of brooms affect curling ice. Derek is looking at how different types of granite react when stones collide. We talk to them about their research and how they are helping us get a better understanding of sweeping and how curling stones behave. We revisit broomgate and ask Megan what we do and still do not know about how sweeping affects curl. We also discuss what she thinks curlers can learn from her research and what she hopes to study in the future. Derek explains why curling granite only comes from a few places on earth. Derek talks about his cool videos of curling stone collisions. We also discuss how his research into granite curling stones can inform other industries. Join us as we have a super nerdy talk about the science of curling.

Comparing Broom Conditions in Curling
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Minerals Rock!
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