Ep62: Crowning British Curling’s People’s Champ w/ Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson, owner of the Forfar ice rink in Scotland, joins us to talk all things Scottish Curling. We discuss how to address declining interest in curling in Scotland, their return to play during the pandemic and the newly created British Players Curling Championship.

Forfar Indoor Sports
Scottish Curling’s Return to Play Guidelines
British Players Curling Championship

One thought on “Ep62: Crowning British Curling’s People’s Champ w/ Mike Ferguson

  1. Hi guys,
    Even though I’ve been listening to the show for a bit….this is the first time I’ve written….

    I started listening to your podcast sometime ago/early when the pandemic hit ….somehow I stumbled onto Kevin Martin & Warren Hansen’s Inside Curling, then when their material ran out I found 2 Girls & a Game, Game of Stones…and of course Rocks Across the Pond!
    …and have enjoyed it so much that I’ve already started listening to some of your older podcasts….

    The interview you ran with Harold Woods resonated on several of the points he made…
    I’m a relatively new curler (started Nov-Dec16) and had played many sports at provincial or low national level, but never at the international stage, let alone the olympics.
    So when I got the chance the join the BE seniors team (aka the Belgium Black Ducks https://www.facebook.com/belgianblackduck – I’m the one on the right in our banner picture) to play s/at the Worlds, I jumped at it…(if you ever want to hear the full story how I ended up playing for BE at WSCC2017 after being on the ice for only 50hrs/a novice curler, let me know)…
    But playing internationally was all that I could hope for and indeed the camaraderie is truly amazing…not to mention the priceless experience & knowledge you pick up.

    Anyway, once thing struck me as weird in that interview though…it sounded like the facility in Nigeria was still not off the ground, yet in their newsflash, the WCF already announced on 06/18/20 that they were breaking ground?
    It looks like they are doing an amazing marketing job (to be jealous of)…just hoping they will actually get their facility operating sooner rather than later.

    I also enjoyed the latest episode, and again learnt something new as I had not heard of the EPCC which they are starting up….something to look fwd to I guess!

    Before I finish, hope you will not mind me making a small remark; when I listen to your show I always have to fiddle with the volume…at the start (and sometimes in the middle) of Jonathan’s sentences the volume can vary by as much as 15-20dB…a bit ear-piercing sometimes. Starting sentences off in a loud manner may be necessary in a loud curling lounge, but surely not on a podcast where you are in full control of all the elements?

    Anyway, don’t take this too badly, I truly, TRULY enjoy the show and the topics you guys manage to dig up. Especially in these COVID times, I think you guys are a lifeline for all curling fans starved for content…but especially the ones that cannot get onto the ice yet (which fortunately we are not part of anymore as our club opened last week.

    Which reminds me, if you need some info on curling in Belgium, by all means reach out.
    Keep up the good work guys, stay safe & if you manage to onto the ice somewhere – have fun!
    Kind regards,

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